Certificate of Citizenship

Can a certificate of Maltese Citizenship be issued to a citizen of Malta?

A certificate of Maltese citizenship is issued on request of a foreign Government in order to prove one’s national status. Should a certificate of Maltese citizenship be required for other purposes, the applicant would need to prove justification.

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How to Apply & Applicable Fees

  • An enquirer will have to submit to the Agency the request for a certificate of citizenship made by the authorities of the applicable country, and present his / her Identity Card and / or Passport.
  • If applicable, an enquirer will also need to submit:
    1. Birth certificate;
    2. Father’s birth certificate;
    3. Marriage certificate; and
    4. Parents’ marriage certificate.
  • The certificate is issued against a fee of €15.


  • In certain cases, additional documents may be requested;
  • Applicants would need to present birth and marriage certificates issued by foreign authorities and local ecclesiastical authorities when these records are not available at the Public Registry.
Last Updated 16/11/2021
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